Applications are now closed! Stay tuned for details of the exhibition itself.



Art prize exploring alternative interpretations of nationality in the modern age


  • 1st prize €2,500 cash
  • 2nd prize €1,000 cash
  • 3rd prize (audience choice) €500 art materials

Top 25 submissions will be displayed in a six week long gallery show in GO Gallery, Amsterdam in Autumn 2018.

Cost of entry: Free

Entry opens: 8th November 2017
Entry closes: 8th June 2018

Gallery exhibition: Autumn 2018


This art prize is designed to encourage artists to examine evolving notions related to national identity in the current year and express them through their work in a manner that can have an impact on the the general public. Artists are encouraged to push the boundaries of discourse and create work that is leads to viewer to look at life in a way they had never considered before.

Motivation for Project

Narratives are the stories which we use to make sense of the world. But the same set of objective facts about a series of event will be interpreted as radically different stories by different groups of people. It is all too easy to become complacent and take the narratives we hear in the media or from the people around us at face value. The purpose of this project it to challenge popular narratives and encourage people to question the way they view the world.

Example themes

What does it mean to have a nationality in 2018? For example, to be truly Dutch must you adhere to traditional values and customs or is it more Dutch to embrace equally every culture you come into contact with. What if you were born in a different country to where you live? Do you take on nationality of your host country or do you maintain a link to your country of birth that can never be severed? Does the concept of national borders even make any sense? Are you first and foremost a European or even a global citizen? Do we need any borders at all? Can a nation be built around shared values rather than geography? In the age of bitcoin and the internet can we form new types of nations bypassing traditional governments?


The prize will be judged by a panel consisting of James Huggett (sponsor), Julia Filament (artist & organiser) and gallery owners.

The following criteria will be used to judge the works:

  • Relevance to theme
  • Originality
  • Though provoking nature


  • Everyone can apply to the exhibition who is able to deliver art to the exhibition to Amsterdam (if selected and invited) and attend to the opening of the exhibition (or to have a representative there).
  • Almost all types of art can take part in the art prize (including painting, drawing, mixed media, sculpture, installation, excluding performance, photo and video art).
  • Paintings should be no bigger than 1m x 1m and weigh less than 12 kg. Sculptures should be no bigger than 50cm x 50cm base, 2m height.
  • The year of the artwork creation has to be not earlier than 2015, but we encourage artists to create new pieces for the prize.
  • Artist can apply through the Application form (which will be provided on the webpage of the Art Prize).
  • Information, provided by the artist in the application (information about the artist, work description, contact information) will be used for the communication (presentation online and in documentation).
  • By applying artists agree that they can deliver their art to the exhibition in Amsterdam and be present at the opening event of the exhibition.
  • Filled form of the application will be accepted only in the mentioned on the webpage terms. The application will take part in the selection of the winners only if it is filled properly and artwork photo is attached.
  • The quality of the photo for the application has to be 1000×1000 px minimum, more than 72 dpi (upload via form – please encode as jpg)
  • The art must be delivered to the gallery ready to hang. All additional stands and hanging elements on the back of painting have to be provided by the artist.
  • Artist is responsible for delivery and taking away an artwork in terms mentioned by the organisers.
  • Collaborative entries are allowed
  • Multiple entries from the same artist are not allowed
  • Art should be available for sale and must not be already sold